WIP: Steel Legion R03, Backstory

Ever since my eyes got sight of the Steel Legion models I have wanted to build out a full Imperial Guard Steel Legion force. As a lad I flipped through the Armageddon codex dreaming of that day. I never quite got around to doing it but over the years I’ve slowly picked up units and put them away hoping for the day that Games Workshop might release a plastic steel legion set. Well nearly 20 years later that day hasn’t come but here I go anyway!

So as you might suspect this Steel Legion army is going to be a bit different and padded out by another set of models since the metal models are mono-posed and hard to come by.

The Backstory:

Steel Legion R03

The R03 are a special defence force tasked with guarding resources, supplies and shipments. Focused and used primarily in the Fire Wastes to guard against attacks on mining facilities and ore shipments. The R03 has been stationed to guard other Armageddon valuable resources like the transportation of clean water and escorting incoming and outgoing trade cargo and their associated officials. There lies a dark secret in the R03 and the mining facilities that they protect, both have been infiltrated and are now under the control of a genestealer cult.

The harsh toxic air that fills the Fire Wastes helps to hide the genestealer cult’s presence as everyone in the region hides behind rebreather masks and tinted googles. Their presence goes unnoticed as the mining facilities still supply their quotas but in the unpredictable chaos of Armageddon as Ork raids are still a daily occurrence, lost shipments and equipment go unnoticed amongst the daily scuffles around the planet. The R03 smuggles the lost supplies to the needs of their network of hive cults and off-world uprisings. The mining operation in the Fire Wastes is a central resource amongst this complicated network of trade networks that smuggle equipment and resources across the galaxy.


And so the work begins on the Steel Legion R03:

First squad complete

More to follow soon!


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