Sharing  Knowledge

Through warhammer, miniature model and hobby resources

Painting Yellow was created with the goal of sharing knowledge and engaging with fellow miniature, wargaming and Warhammer based hobbyists. I hope to share the knowledge I have gained by stumbling through the hobby in hopes that you don’t have to stumble so much.

On this site you will find helpful tips & tricks, How-to guides and free hobby materials. Under the projects section I will be showcasing my journey through the hobby-ing world with work in progress posts and other project showcases.


The Painting Yellow Team

Yep, it’s just me Brett. I run the show, do the typing, painting and all the fun behind the scenes tasks. I have been in and out of the hobby since I was a small lad in the mid 90s and consider myself more of a painter & collector than a gamer but I still immensely enjoy the world of Warhammer and building miniature models.

I’m fusing my passion for my career as a graphic designer with my passion for my hobby and bring the two together in a process to increase my knowledge in both and share everything back with the hobby community. I hope you enjoy the site, my hobby-ing journey and find something useful for you here. Please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch, I’m always interested in hearing from everyone!

Armies: Imperial Fists, Necrons, Steel Legion.

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